strange «straynj», adjective, strang|er, strang|est, adverb.
1. unusual; odd; queer; peculiar: »

a strange accident. What a strange experience! She wears strange, old-fashioned clothing. 'Tis strange—but true; for truth is always strange; Stranger than fiction (Byron).

2. not known, seen, or heard of before; not familiar: »

strange faces, a strange language. She is moving to a strange place. A strange cat is on our steps. The custom was strange to them.

SYNONYM(S): unfamiliar, new, novel.
3. not used (to); unaccustomed (to); inexperienced (at): »

He is strange to the work but will soon learn.

4. out of place; not at home: »

a strange dog walking down a street. The poor child felt strange in the palace.

5. distant or cold; reserved.
6. Archaic. foreign; alien.
in a strange manner.
[< Old French estrange < Latin extrāneus foreign. See etym. of doublet extraneous (Cf.extraneous). See related etym. at estrange. (Cf.estrange)]
strange´ly, adverb.
Synonym Study adjective. 1 Strange, odd, peculiar, mean unusual or out of the ordinary. Strange applies to what is unfamiliar, unknown, or unaccustomed: »

A strange quiet pervaded the city.

Odd applies to what is irregular or puzzling: »

That house has been painted with an odd combination of colors.

Peculiar applies to what is unique or different from others: »

Raising frogs is a peculiar way to make a living.

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